Democracy and Diversity - Class X

Q 1.Name two types of social differences
Ans . Overlapping difference and cross cutting difference.

Q 2.  What does Black power mean?
Ans .Anti Racist movement started in 1966 in USA.

Q 3. What is civil rights movement?
Ans .Reform movement aimed at abolishing legal racial discrimination led by Martin Luther King.

 Q4. Which university has recently installed the statue of Tommie Smith and John Karlos?
Ans . San Jose state university

Q5. Name two types of social differences.
Ans . Overlapping difference and cross cutting difference

Q6 .Who are African-American?
Ans .Afro-Americans refer to descendants of the Africans.

Q7. Who led Civil Right movement?
Ans .Martin Luther King Jr.

THREE MARK QUESTIONS —-(Democracy and Diversity)

1 . Describe the consequence of Smith and Carlo’s reaction to the racial discrimination ***

  • Carlos and Smith held guilty of violating the Olympic spirit.
  • Their medals  were taken back.
  • Action help in gaining international attention for civil right movement 

2 . Discuss three factors that determine the outcomes of politics of social division. ***
Ans .

  • How people perceive their identities.
  • In what ways political leaders raise the demands of any community.
  • How the government reacts to the demands.

3 – “Every social difference does not lead to social division”. Discuss***
Ans 3.  People belonging to different social groups share differences and similarities cutting across the boundaries .This kind of difference does not lead to social division.Examples – In Netherlands social class and Religion tend to cut across each other – this type of cross cutting differences do not produce division.

4. When does a social different become social division. ***

  • When social difference over laps with other difference that situation produce social divisions
  • examples: Blacks and whites  in USA.
FIVE MARK QUESTIONS—-(Democracy and Diversity)
  1. Explain. ***Why is the combination of politics and social divisions considered to be very dangerous and explosive ?
    Ans .
  • Democracy involves competition among various political parties.
  • If people start competing in terms of some existing social divisions, it can make social divisions into political divisions
  • Lead to conflict and violence
  •  It can lead to disintegration of a country.
  •  Example – civil war in Sri lanka ,disintegration of Yugoslavia.

2. Discuses three factors that determine the outcome of politics of social division
Ans .

  • People’s perceptions
  • Raising the demands by political leaders
  • Reaction of government  (Points to be explained in detail)

3 . Distinguish between over lapping differences and cross- cutting social differences . ***

Ans .Overlapping Difference : 

  • One kind of social difference becomes more important.
  • It creates the possibilities of deep social division
  • The difference between Blacks and whites in USA
  • Dalits and upper class in India

Cross-cutting Difference-

  • When a group that share a common interest on one issue and are likely to be different in other issues. 
  • Easier to accommodate
  • In Netherlands the difference between Catholics and Protest.

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