Environment - Class 7

Important Discussion:

All the things that surrounds us like people, things places on the nature is called environment.
It comprises the three components

  1. a)Natural-Environment-> Air, Water ,Land, living things
  2. b)Man-made-Environment-> Park, Buildings, Bridges, Roads, Industries
  3. c)Human-Environment-> Individual, Family, Community, Religion, Economic, Education ,Political situation.

Natural environment refers to Biotic and Abiotic condition existing on earth.
Biotic-> The world living organisms e.g. plants and animals
Abiotic-> The world of non-living elements. e.g.land .

  • Human  environment  refers to activities ,creation and interaction.
  • We modify natural environment by making  factories, mills, buildings  etc.

The four major domains of the earth are:

  • Lithosphere(Land)-> The solid crust or hard top layer of the earth.
  • Hydrosphere-> It comprises various sources of water and water bodies.
  • Atmosphere-> the thin layer of air surrounds the earth.
  • Biosphere-> The narrow zone of  earth where land, water and air interact-the zone of the living world.

Eco System is the interdependence of living organisms on each other and with the physical and chemical factors of the environment.
A perfect  balance  between natural and human environment ,we must learn to live and use it in a sensible way.


1. What do you mean by natural environments ?
Ans- By natural environment  we mean the surroundings created by nature e.g. Mountains, Plateaus.Plains, Valleys ,Forests, Wildlife.

2. Which are the two major components of biotic environments?
Ans—Two basic components of Biotic environments

  • Plants
  • Animals

3. Give –reasons ‘Man modifies his environments’.
Ans- Man  modifies his environment to satisfies his needs and to make his life comfortable. But  all his activities put pressures on the natural surroundings by causing noise ,water and air pollution.

Home –work
  • What is environment ?
  • Which are the major components of the environment?
  • Name the four major domains of the eath?
  • What is Eco-system?
  • What is atmosphere? In what ways is it useful for human beings.
  • When the world environment day celebrated every  years?
Question. What do you mean by environment?

Answer: Environment means each and every aspects around us on the earth surface. It is our basic life support system on the earth. It provides the air which we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat and the land where we live.

Question. Discuss about different components of the environment.
Answer: Generally components of the environment are three types: A) Natural, B) Human and C) Human made.
A) Natural components: Lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere etc.
B) Human as components: Individual person, community, family, religion, educational, politics etc.
C) Human made components: School-colleges, roads, bridge, building, table, chair, bed etc.

Question: What do you mean by lithosphere?

Answer: Lithosphere is the hard and solid part of the earth surface. In this lithosphere part we are living. This layer is made up of rocks, minerals and the upper part of the lithosphere is covered by the thin layer of soil.
Each and every kinds of flora and fauna are found in this lithosphere.

Question. What do you mean by hydrosphere?
Answer: Hydrosphere means the whole water bodies of the earth surface. This water bodies includes ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers etc. This hydrosphere is very much significant for each and every kinds of living beings.

Question. What is atmosphere?

Answer: Atmosphere is the thin layer of gases surround the earth. This gaseous material is mainly covered the earth due to the attraction power of the gravitational forces. Atmosphere has different layers. These atmospheric layers are very significant for the formation of life over the earth.

Question. What is biosphere?
Answer: Biosphere is the combine form of animals or plant communities. The combine effort of hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere form this biosphere.

Question. What do you mean by ecosystem?
Answer:  Ecosystem is the interaction between the living and non-living things in this world. For example pond ecosystem, marine or ocean ecosystem, forest ecosystem. Here all living and non-living things are interact with each other.

Question. Give some examples of biotic and abiotic environmental elements.
Answer: Biotic: Human beings, animals, birds, fish, or other micro-organism etc. On the other hand soil, air, water, sun light etc. are some example of abiotic or non-living elements of environment. Read more…

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