Forest Society and Colonialism - Class IX

Forest Society and Colonialism

Q.1***.Who become Dietrich Brandis? What became his contribution to woodland management of India?

Ans. (forest Society Colonialism) Dietrich Brandis become a German expert on woodland. He turned into made the primary inspector standard of wooded area in India. He realized that a  right machine to control forests become needed. Brandis also desired to teach humans in technological know-how of conservation. He framed some rules about use of forest resources. His other contributions had been :

He set up the Indian wooded area carrier in 1864.
Brandis formulated the Indian forest Act of 1865.
He installation the Imperial woodland research Institute at Dehradun in 1906.The gadget tought here become referred to as ‘medical Forestry’.

Q.2***. What turned into scientific Forestry? What had been defects of this?

Ans. In medical forestry ,herbal wooded area which had lots of different kind of wooded area timber were reduce down and new ones belonging to 1 tree kind have been planted in rows. They were used for timbers.

Defects : woodland officials surveyed and cut timber consistent with their estimate. They plant equal type of the tree purposefully which lessen biodiversity of the woodland. It additionally impact the flora and fauna of the place.

Q.3**.How became Bastar rise up Organised?


In 1910,mango boughs, a lump of earth, chillies and arrows have been circulated in village. This become surely an invite to villagers to rebel in opposition to the British.
All villages contributes to the expenses for the rebellions.
Bazaars have been looted, homes of official investors, faculty and varnish station had been burnt and robbed and grain changed into redistributed.
All those ,who have been associated with the colonial country in one manner or another, had been attacked.

Q4**.What became a Scorched Earth policy? (forest Society Colonialism)

Ans: In Java ,just earlier than the japanese occupied the vicinity, the Dutch accompanied a ‘Scorched Earth policy’, destroying sawmill and burning big piles of large teak logs so they would now not fall into japanese hands.

Q5**. Why are woodland suffering from wars?

Ans: in the main the first global struggle and the second one global war affected wooded area as:

all through the wars trees had been freely  reduce to meet the extended demands of timber for warfare desires.
forest had been reduce to deprive the enemy of hiding region and food resources.
woodland have been burnt to clean visibility for floor forces and air-pressure.
In Java the Dutch commenced destroying noticed mills and burnt down big piles of giant teak logs in order that they would not fall into japanese palms.

Q.6***.How did the British colonial policy caused deforestation ?

growth in manufacturing additionally increase the demand for food. This brought about growth of land cultivation.
British endorsed to clean the woodland for cultivation for you to growth their sales.
in the 19th century ,the call for for the industrial crop like jute, sugar, coffee etc so peasants cleared wooded area to cultivate and increase their profit.
because of growth of railway ,the call for for timber also increased due to the fact railway sleepers crafted from wood in that time.
In England o.k.trees disappeared by early nineteenth century .to satisfy the demand of the      Royal navy teak and sal woodland have been cut in India.
forest had been also cut for plantation agriculture , to advanced settlement areas or urbanization cause .

Q7** give an explanation for – how woodland people make uses of woodland products?

Ans: forest had been important for the poor humans because they satisfy their wishes for fuel fooder, leaves. Like-

Herbs are used as drug treatments.
Bamboo is used for making fences, basket and umbrellas.
Dried gourd is used as transportable water bottles
timber is used to make agricultural implements.
Tendu leaves are used to make bidi.
leaves are stitched together to make plates and cups.
Creepers like sal creeper are used to make ropes.
woodland people make desirable use of diverse merchandise like roots, leaves and end result.

Q8***. Why  did people of Bastar riot in opposition to British ? give an explanation for.
Write approximately the Bastar rebellion organised in 1910.What become its results.

Ans: In 1910 humans of Bastar rebelled in opposition to the British Colonial energy as the villagers suffered from horrible famine. The villagers additionally suffered from elevated land hire, demand at no cost labour and goods. on this time authorities proposed to reserve 2/third of the wooded area in 1905.moving cultivation become banned. searching and collection of woodland produce become blown out. these types of led the locals to rise up towards the British.

The British despatched troops to suppress the riot .attempts were made to negotiate by using adivasi leaders, the British besieged and opened hearth on them.folks that participated inside the insurrection were concern to punishments. The British never controlled to seize leader Gunda Dhur but they had been a success in suppressing the Bastar rebellion

After suppression of rise up by using the British paintings on reservation changed into temporarily suspended. The location marked for reservation turned into reduced to 1/2 earlier than 1910.

Q9***.give an explanation for the time period ‘moving cultivation’. Why did ecu foresters remember moving cultivation as harmful for forests? (woodland Society Colonialism)

Ans: In transferring cultivation part of forests are cut and burnt in rotation. Seeds were scattered over  the ashes after the first monsoon rains. Such plots had been cultivated for multiple 12 months till the soil  retains its fertility and then left fallow for few  years for the forest to develop.

moving cultivation was banned by using the ecu foresters because they felt such land might became not worthy for developing timber for the railway. It made tough for them to calculated taxes. because of the forests hearth hazard flames spreads and treasured wooden burns.

Q10**. Why have been the Kalangs of Java taken into consideration an essential network? What compelled them to rebellion against the Dutch and to what extent?


Kalangs community of Java have been professional woodland cutter and moving cultivators. It became very hard to reap teak without their know-how.
The Kalangs revolted in opposition to the Dutch due to the fact the Dutch regulated woodland regulation to restrict villagers’ get admission to to woodland.
forest regulation distinctive that timber cut most effective be used for river boats and homes.
Villagers had been punished for grazing cattle or transporting wooden without permit.
Rents changed into imposed at the villagers and later it become exempted from them on the circumstance of unfastened deliver of labour and buffaloes.
In 1770 the Kalangs revolted in opposition to the Dutch however their revolt turned into suppressed with the aid of the dutch foresters.

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