From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power - Class VIII

From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power

In this chapter – from trade to territory we will learn about the establishment of the British power in our country.

Q. Who was the last powerful ruler of Mughal dynasty?

Answer: Aurangzeb.

Q. How did Delhi lose the power as the main centre of Mughal dynasty?

Answer: Aurangzeb was the last powerful ruler of Mughal dynasty. After the death of Aurangzeb gradually the centre of Mughal dynasty –  start to lose their power. During this time many Mughal governors or subadars and big zaminders starts to asserting their authorities and establishing own kingdoms regionally. When these powerful regional kingdoms emerged in various part of India, Delhi lost its power as the centre of the great Mughal empire.

Q. Who gave the sole right to trade with the East to the East India Company?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth in 1600.

Q. Explain about the trade system of East India Company at the beginning.

Answer: In 1651 English company first set up factory near the river bank of Hugli. This was the base of companies trade which was known as the ‘factors’. When the expanding trade they settle near the factory. In the year of 1696 company began to build forts near the factory.

Within two years later it braided Mughal officials into giving the rights of company zamindari over three villages. One of them was Kolikata (Now Kolkata). They also persuaded Mughal emperor Aurangzeb toissue a farman to grant the company tax free trade.

This farman of Aurangzeb only granted the company officials to do tax free trade. But, during this time other company officials who were engaged with their private business they also refuse to pay taxes. As a result the revenue amount enormously decrease in Bengal.11

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