How to Motivate - Your Child (Adolescence) to Learn & Develop Humanity

How to Motivate

If you face any kind of crisis in your life that means you know ‘How to Motivate‘. Just remember that your each and every step in front of a child may be affected in their life. In your long journey of life, you had faced so many crisis. You know the reality of the life. Hence, with your life experience you can motivate your child.

  • How to Motivate- Adolescence:

    Always mind it, you are treating with a adolescence period facing learner. You have care with love, not showing anger. Your child confused to do any kind of work. He/She don’t know in which way they can established in their life. You can guide to find out the right track. He/she is also facing following problems:

    • He/she always find an answer of the question – “Who I am?”
    • Like to do even unsocial activities.
    • He/she always seeks helping hand.
    • More emotional.
    • Whatever he/she is doing – thinks as write.
    • He/she never want to see rude behavior.
    • They may be agreed to do any kind of work with love only.
    • He/she always seeks best friend in life and want to stay with friend only.
    • He/she is curious about her hormonal growth.
    • They can take any kind of decision with emotion or anger.
    • Passion between male and female grows rapidly.
    • Whatever he/she doing right or wrong, wants supports from elders. ETC…
  • How to Motivate – Now you know problems:

    • Just handle your child with love.
    • Support them with as much as possible, even when you know that he/she is wrong. After that getting opportunity, just indirectly prove that he/she was wrong.
    • Share your real life experience of different kinds of crisis faced in your life.
    • Present yourself as the model of his/her life.
    • Just explain the global competition in different field only but, don’t pressurize to compete them with the society.
    • Just respect your role model of life in front of him/her to develop a sense to respects elders or gurus.
    • Daily talk to them with love and affection.
    • Never beat him/her.
    • Try to provide as much as right information to solve their curious questions with love and affection.
    • At last, try to be a friend, philosopher and guide.

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