Human Environment Interactions the Tropical and the Subtropical Region- Class 7

Q. Explain the characteristics of climatic condition of Amazon basin area.

Ans: The Amazon Basin stretches directly on the equator and is characterized by hot and wet climate throughout the year. Both day and nights are almost equally hot and humid. The skin feels sticky. It rains almost everyday.
Q. What are the main features of tropical rain forests?
Ans: See Chapter number – 6, Question 3.
Q. Explain about the lifestyle of the people of the rain forests area.
Ans: People grow most of their food in small areas after clearing some trees in the forest. While men hunt and fish along the rivers, women take care of the crops. They mainly grow tapioca, pineapple and sweet potato.  They practice “slash and burn agriculture”. They also eat queen ants and egg sacs. Cash crops like coffee, maize and cocoa are also grown.
Q. “The life of the people of the Amazon basin is slowly changing” – How?
Ans: Life of the people of the Amazon basin is slowly
changing. In 1970 the Trans Amazon highway made all parts of the rainforest accessible. Aircrafts and helicopters are also used for reaching various places. The indigenous population was pushed out from the area and forced to settle in new areas where they continued to practice their distinctive way of farming.
Q.  Why the Ganga-Brahmaputra basin area is more populated? 
The plain area of the Ganga-Brahmaputra river basin provides the most suitable land for human habitation. The soil is fertile. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people where flat land is available to grow crops. The density of population of the plains is very high. People can easily grow crops and do any kinds of constructional works in these plans.

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