India-Size and Location - Class 9 Geography

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Question: Explain about the latitudinal and longitudinal extension of our country India.

Answer: India is one of the vast countries in this world. India is extended from 8 degree 4 minutes to 37 degree 6 minutes north. On the other hand longitudinally it is extended from 68 degree 7 minutes to 97 degree 25 minutes.

Question: Explain about the size and relative location of India. (India-Size and Location)

Answer: India is a vast country with an area 3.28 million square kilometers. This is on of the most economically developing country in south east Asia. This country contains about 2.4% of the total geographical area of the world. This country is surrounded by Bangladesh, Myanmar in the east, China, Bhutan and Nepal in the north, Srilanka in the south and Pakistan and Afganistan in the west and north-west part respectively.

India is surrounded by lofty Himalayas in the east and Indian Ocean in the south (Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea). This is the seventh largest country of the world.

  • 82 degree and 30 minutes east is the standard meridian in India.
  • India is a large country and it may be very big problem to all citizen to maintain any official work together. Hence 82 degree and 30 minutes is the standard meridian for maintaining a single time through out the country.
  • 15200 km is the total land boundary of India.
  • 7516.6 km is the total coast line in India including Andaman and Nicobar island.

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