Life Lines of National Economy - Class X

1.     What are the merits of Roadways?

  • –        Provides door to door service.
  • –        Fastest mode for passengers and goods within the country.
  • –        Act as a feeder to other modes of transport.

2.      What are the problems faced by the Indian Railways?

  • –        Many passengers travel without tickets
  • –        Thefts and damage of railway properties has not yet stopped completely
  • –        People stop the train and pull the chains
3.      What are the three important networks of pipeline transportation ?
  • –        From oilfield in upper Assam to Kanpur
  • –        From Salaya in Gujarat to Jalandhar in Punjab
  • –        Gas pipeline from Hazira to Gujarat

4.      What are the advantages of waterways ? (Life Lines of National Economy)

  • –        Waterways are the cheapest means of transport
  • –        They are the most suitable for carrying heavy and bulky goods
  • –        They are fuel efficient

5.     What are the advantages of using pipelines?

  • –        Used for transporting crude oil , petroleum products and natural gas to refineries fertilizers , factories and thermal plants
  • –        Solids can b transported when converted into slurry
  • –        It rules out transshipment losses or delays
  • –        Initial cost of laying is high and running cost is minimal
6.      Why is air travel economical in North Eastern regions?
  • –        It can cover difficult terrains ,high mountains, deserts, forests and oceanic stretches with ease
  • –        North Eastern part of country have presence of big rivers , dissected reliefs, dense forests, floods and International frontiers
  • –        Air travel has made access easier to undulating states of India

7.     Give three advantages of personal communication

  • –        It keeps in touch with your near and dear ones
  • –        Long distance communication is easier without physical movement
  • –        It helps in integrating families

8.      Classify roads on the basis of their capacity

  • –        North South Corridors      – East West Corridors
  • –        State highways                  –  District roads
  • –        Rural roads                        –   Border roads
  • –        Golden quadrilateral       –   National highways
9.     What role does Pawanhans Helicopter Ltd play?
  • –        It provides helicopter services to ONGC
  • –        Off shore operations to inaccessible areas and difficult terrains of N-E states
  • –        Interior parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand

10.    What are the various means of mass communication used in India ?

  • –        It includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books and films
  • –        AIR broadcasts national regional or local languages programmers 
  • –        Doordarshan of India broadcast a variety of programs ranging from entertainment , education and sports
  • –        Large number of newspapers , magazines and periodicals are published
  • –        Newspapers are published in 100 languages and dialects
  • –        India is the  largest producer of feature films in the world
11.  What is the role played by the eastern coastal ports  of India in trade ?
  • –        Chennai – Oldest artificial ports of India, next to Mumbai in terms of trade and cargo.
  • –        Vishakhapatnam- Deepest landlocked port. It is an outlet for iron ore exports
  • –        Paradip ports located in Odisha it exports iron ores
  • –        Kolkata – An Inland riverine port. Being a tidal port it requires dredging of Hoogly
  • –        Haldia port- It is subsidiary port to relieve growing pressure on the Kolkata port

12.   Name the major International Airports of India.

  • –        Delhi- Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA)
  • –        Amritsar -Raja Sansi International Airport(ISIA)
  • –        Kolkata- Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport(NSCBIA)
  • –        Mumbai- ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport(CSIA)
  • –        Chennai- Meenanbakkam International Airport(MIA)
  • –        Thiruvananthapuram- Nedinbacherry International Airport(NIA)
13.  Explain the importance of International Trade. (Life Lines of National Economy)
  • It is an index to its economic prosperity.
  • It is the economic barometer for a country
  • Resources are space bound so no country can survive without it
  • Countries have trade relations with trading blocks
  • Exchange of commodities and goods have been superseded by the exchange of information and knowledge

14.  Define the term Tourism. Tourism is a trade as well as industry – Explain.

The cultural recreational and commercial visits to places of interest in a country is known as tourism . Tourism in India has grown over the last three decades. Foreign tourists arrivals in the country contributing rupees 64, 889 crores of foreign exchange. More than 15 million people are directly engaged in tourism industry. Tourism provides support to local handicrafts . Tourism promotes national integration and growth of national income It helps in the development of International understanding about Indian culture and Heritage. Foreign tourists visit India for heritage, ecotourism, adventure, cultural, medical and business tourism.

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