Major Landforms of the Earth

Major Landforms of the Earth

Question: What do you mean by internal process and external processes? Explain with example. (Major Landforms of the Earth).
Answer: Each and every result is the results of two Geo-morphological processes – internal and external processes. Internal processes like volcanism, earthquake etc. and external processes like erosion or depositional processes by rivers, winds, glaciers etc. are creating or shaping the landforms. These processes are geomorphic processes.

Question: Explain about the major landforms of the earth with example.
Answer: Generally there are three types of landforms depending on elevation and slope. These are mountains, plateaus and plains.

  • Mountains: Mountain is the natural elevation of the earth surface. The mountains have narrow top and broad base. For example the Himalayas mountain, the Satpura mountain etc.
  • Plateaus: Plateaus are also elevated but flat topped land. This plateau may have two or more sides with steep slopes. For example Deccan plateau or Chhotanagpur plateau.
  • Plains: Plains are the creation of different rivers. Through the deposition of several erosional materials on the low region formed plain region. For example The Himalayan Rivers are carrying erosional materials and formed northern plain region in India.
Question: Explain about different types of mountains with example.

Answer: There are three types of mountains; Folded Mountain, Block Mountain and Igneous Mountain.

  • Folded mountain:
    This type of mountains forms due to the folding of the earth crust. For example the Himalayas Mountain, the Alps Mountain is Folded Mountains.
  • Block Mountains:
    Block Mountain forms when the large part or block of the earth surface displaced vertically. Or due to the upliftment of the earth surface such type of Block Mountain forms. For example The Satpura and the Vindyas Mountain.
    In between the part of two block mountain forms graven, like Narmada river flows in between the part of the Satpura and Vindyas Mountain.
  • Igneous or Volcanic mountains:
    This mountains forms due to the deposition of volcanic material or forms due to volcanic activity. For example Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Fujiyama in Japan etc. is the igneous mountains.

Question: Which landform area is more populated and why?
Among the different types of landforms plain area is more populated. Plain area is more fertile and suitable for agriculture. Hence, most populated area of the world is mainly developed in the plain and fertile river valley area.

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