Minerals and Energy Resources - Class X

1. State four demerits of conventional source of energy. **  (Minerals and Energy Resources)
  • This resource of energy are available in limited quantity.
  • They are non renewable.
  • These are causes of pollution.
  • They are expensive.

2.     Suggest any four measures for conservation  of energy resources.**

We can conserve our energy resources by :

  • Using public transport systems instead of individuals vehicles.
  • Switching off electricity when not in use
  • Using power saving devices 
  • Laying emphasis on greater use of non conventional source of energy.

3.     Why is solar energy called the energy of the future? Explain with three examples.
 In India Solar energy has a bright future – briefly discuss. (Minerals and Energy Resources)

 Solar energy is a renewable sources of energy unlike coal and petroleum. It has a bright future in India because:

  • India being a topical country has enough scope for production and utilization of solar energy.
  • This source of energy is pollution free and eco-friendly.
  • It is becoming popular in rural areas where it uses for cooking, heating water, lighting of homes and streets, etc.

4.     What are conventional source of energy? Explain water energy is more important than coal or petroleum? Explain any three points in this regard.**

Conventional Sources of energy are traditional source which have been in use for quite sometime. Water as a source of energy is more important than coal and petroleum because of the following reasons:

  • It is a renewable resources.
  • This is non exhaustible resources.
  • It us pollution free
  • Electricity produce by water is not so expensive as produced by coal and petroleum.
5.     What are non conventional source of energy? Why does the non conventional source of energy have a bright future? **

Non conventional source of energy are renewable and inexhaustible source of energy. These sources have been recently developed. With increasing demand for energy , the non conventional source of energy , etc., have gained popularity due to the following facts:

  • These are renewable and inexhaustible.
  • Available abundantly in nature
  • Non polluting and eco friendly
  • Not as expensive as conventional source of energy.
6. Mention any four uses of manganese ore. Name three areas with manganese ore.

Four uses of manganese ore are as follows:

  • This is an important raw material in iron and steel industry and used in the manufacturing of steel industries. Nearly 10 kg of manganese is essential to manufacture one ton of steel.
  • It is used to make bleaching powder and insecticides.
  • This is used in manufacturing of batteries and for making paints.
  • It is used to prepare alloy or mixture of different metal to acquire special properties for the minerals.
7. How is mica one of the most indispensable minerals? Explain any three points. **
Mica is an indispensable mineral. Justify how is  it so.

In electric and electronic industries mica is an indispensable minerals :

  • It has excellent di- electric strength.
  • Low power loss factors .
  • Insulting properties and resistance to high voltage.
8. Why are minerals important for us? Explain with example. ** (Minerals and Energy Resources)
  • Minerals are an indispensable part of our lives. Almost everything we use from a tiny pin to a towering building or a ship are all made of   minerals.
  • For maintaining the railway service or road transport is possible for several kinds of minerals.  
  • Cars, buses trains aero planes are manufactured from minerals and run on power resources derived from the minerals.. 
  • Even the food that we eat contains minerals.

9. Why is a conservation of energy resource essential? **

  • Energy is the basic requirement for economic development.
  • Every national economic sector like industry, transport, domestic or commercial uses needs inputs of energy.
  • Developmental plans needs several kinds of energy resources.
  • This is very essential to preserve resources to develop substantially.
10. Bring out the difference between thermal power project and hydro electric power project?
  • Thermal power – generally electricity is generated from different thermal power station.
  • Hydro electric power: this is generally generated from the fast flowing water.

The difference between of these as follows:

                   Thermal power                         Hydel power
a. It is generated by using coal, petroleum and natural gas a. It generates by fast following water.
b. Thermal power stations use non renewable fossil fuel for generating electricity b. Hydel power station use renewable source of energy.
c. They can set this at any place. c. We can set up near the source of energy
d. They affect environment badly because they cause air pollution. d. They are eco friendly because they do not cause any pollution

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