Nazism and the Rise of Hitler - Class IX

Nazism and the Rise of Hitler 1**.How the Nazi party formed?
Answer: Nazi party involves :

  • Hitlers joining to the Germany workers party. 
  • Germany workers party renaming as Nationalist socialist German workers party.
  • After that this party became the Nazi party.

Q. 2*** After coming to the power what promise Hitler make to the German people?
Answer: After getting the power:

  • He will solve each and every problems of the German people.
  • Promise to build strong nation.
  • Restore the justice of treaty of Versailles.
  • Restore the dignity of the German people.
  • Solving the problems of unemployment.
  • He will protect all German people from other foreign influences.

Q 3. Explain about the foreign policy of Hitler. (Nazism)

  • Integration of Germany and Austria with the slogan.
  • Integration of Germany and Austria with the slogan one Nation one people one leader.
  • In 1938 reoccupied Rhineland.
  • In 1933 pulled out the League of nation.

Q. What is Jungvolk?
Answer: It was German’s Nazi youth children age group below 14 years old.

Q.4** Explain why you the organisation was formed?

  • The youth organisation formed to educate the children between 10 years to 14 years old. 
  • To educate Nazi worship of war.
  • To glorify violence and aggression and condemn democracy.
  • and hate Jews, communists, or all other ‘undesirables’.
  • finally the youth joined with armed forces after the age of 18.

Q5*** Explain which type of education was given in the Nazi school system? (Nazism)

  • Dismissed all Jews teachers from the school.
  • Removals of undesirable members of the school.
  • Jews students removal.
  • Rewriting of text book with the addition of Nazi values.
  • The strong children learn to be loyal submissive to hate Jews people.

Q6. “The German people humiliated by the treaty of Versailles” – Support the statement with proper explanation.

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