On Equality - Class 7

Q1. What do you mean by ‘Universal Adult Franchise’?

Ans: In a democratic country, like India, all adults irrespective of what religion they belong to, how much education they have had, what caste they are, or whether they are rich or poor are allowed to vote is called  universal adult franchise.
Q2. Explain the role of equality in Indian democracy.
In our democratic country, according to the Constitution each and every citizens are considered as equal. Every citizens gets equal opportunity in every field.
      In India, several diversities are present. All the communities are the part of our country. Hence, if we want to develop our country, we have to give equal opportunity to all of our citizens. This is why ‘Equality’ can bring the fruitfulness of Indian democracy.
Q3. How did Kanta realize about ‘equality’ in our country?
Ans:  Standing in line to cast her vote Kanta realized that all the citizens of our country is considered as equal. Because, Kanta recognises her employer, Ashok Jain and Chotte Lal, her neighbours are standing with her for casting vote and she also came to know that every voters will be treated as equal.
Q4. Why Kanta becomes less certain about the real meaning of equality?
Ans: She lives in a slum and has a drain behind her house. Her daughter is sick but she cannot take the day off from work because she needs to borrow money from her employers to take her child to the doctor. But there were so many people around her, which peoples are living well.

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