Outcomes of Democracy - Class X

Question. What should be the basic outcome of democracy?

Ans- a) It produces a government that is accountable to citizens

b) Responsive to the needs and Expectations of the citizens.

Question. Why democracy better than dictatorship or any other alternative? (Outcomes of Democracy)

Ans- It is because democracy promotes equality among citizens.

Question. How can you say that democracies are based on political equality?

Ans-a) Multi parties are allowed to take part in the election and form government imported to power.

b)All the adult members have the right to vote.

Question. Why decisions are delayed in Democracy? (Outcomes of Democracy)

Ans- Decisions are taken after debate and deliberation which involves a large number of decision makers.

Question. Democratic government is legitimate government. Explain. ***

Ans- a ) Democracy produce a government that follows and is accountable to the people

b) Provides mechanism for citizens to hold Government accountable and allows citizens to take part in decision making whenever they think fit.

c) One can measure democracy on the basis of this expected outcome for regular free and fair election open public debate on major policies.

Question. “Democracy means delay in decision making “. Justify this statement with any three arguments? **

Ans-a) Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation.

b) Decisions are taken in Parliament after long debates and discussions. The views of all members of the Parliament are taken into consideration before taking any decision.

C) Committees are formed on important issues which take long time and causes for the delay in making decisions.

D) In Parliament after the decisions are over voting is taken which also take some time.

Question. Why is economic growth slightly higher under dictatorial government? **

Ans-a) Process of decision making is fast and uninterrupted.

b) Allocation of resources is done more efficiently.

c) Economic decision and implementation take place as directed.

These processes are very slow and hampered by too much debates and discussions under the democratic setup.

Question. Why democracy is called the better form of government than dictatorship? Give reasons. **

Ans- a) Democracy promotes equality among citizens as it is peoples on government.

b) It enhances the dignity of the individual

c) Also improves the quality of decision making

d) Provides methods to resolve conflicts

Question. “Democratic government is known as responsive government.”Assess the statement. ***

Ans-a)Economic growth and development- level of economic development is slow because of delay in decision making

b) Accommodation of social diversity- majority should work with minority

c) Dignity and freedom of citizens- every individual wants to receive respect from fellow beings. Equality of women

Question. “What the most distinctive about democracy is that its examination never gets over”. Comment. ***

Ans-a) As democracy passes one test it faces another test.

b) People ask about the way democracy functions, they come up with more Expectations and many complaints.

c) Peoples company itself a testimony to the success of democracy

d) A public expression of dissatisfaction with democracy shows the success of the democratic project.

Question. What outcomes are expected of a democracy? ** (Outcomes of Democracy)

Ans- a) People should get a chance to choose their representatives without any fear

b) Elections are held periodically on the basis of the universal franchise

c) Free and fair elections are conducted by an independent machinery

d) Elected representatives are accountable to the people

e) People are guaranteed fundamental rights by the Constitution

f)Freedom of press should be allowed

Question. “Democracy is a better form of government than any other form of government.”Analyze the statement with arguments. ***

Ans- a) Promotes equality among citizens

b) Enhances the dignity of the individuals

c) Improves the quality of decision making

d) Provides a method to resolve conflicts

e) Allows room to correct mistakes.

Question. “Democracies lead to peaceful and harmonious life among citizens.”Explain. ***

Ans-a) Reduces the possibility of tensions becoming explosive or violent

b) No society can fully and permanently resolve conflicts among different groups

c) Evolve mechanisms to negotiate the differences

d)Citizens are equal and enjoy equal social and political rights

e) Give a chance to every citizens to express his/ her views on every issue being faced by them. Read more…

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