Panchayati Raj

Q1. What is Gram Sabha?

Ans: Gram Sabha is the first meeting after the election of the new Gram Panchayat. It is a meeting of all adults who live in the area covered by a Panchayat for discussing about the development of their village.
Q2. What were the main discussing points of Hardas Gram Sabha?
Ans: The main discussion poin was presenting a plan on repairing the road that connects the village to the main highway. After this, the discussion moves to the subject of water and water shortages.
Q3. What was the main problem in Hardas village?
Ans: The water problem in Hardas has become very acute. The hand pump water had gone well below the point up to which the ground has been drilled.  They hardly got any water in the taps. Women have to go to the Suru river which is 3 k.m. away to get water.
Q4. How did some members of Hardas village try to solve their problem?
Hardas villagers were facing water crisis. One suggests piping water from the Suru and making an overhead tank in the village to increase the supply. But the others think that this will be expensive. It’s better, they feel, to deepen the handpumps and clean the wells for this season.
Q5. What are the works of gram panchayat?
1. The construction and maintenance of water sources, roads, drainage, school buildings and other common property resources.
 2. Levying and collecting local taxes.
 3. Executing government schemes related to generating employment in the village.
Q6. What are the main sources of funds for the panchayat?
I) Collection of taxes on houses, market places etc. II) Government scheme funds received through various departments of the government – through the Janpad and Zila Panchayats.
III) Donations for community works etc.
Q7. Discuss about the three levels of panchayati raj.
Ans: There are three levels of panchayati raj.
I) Gram Panchayat:
All of the gram panchayat members are elected by the villagers. These members are responsible to that particular villagers.
II) Panchayat Samiti:
The Panchayat Samiti has many Gram Panchayats under it.
III) Zila Parishad:
Above the Panchayat Samiti  is the District Panchayat or the Zila Parishad. The Zila Parishad actually makes developmental plans at the district level.

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