People as Resource - Class IX Economics

Question: Explain about people as resource.
Answer: People or human beings plays dual role in resource creation. Here people as resources including the working population of a country. These peoples are productive in nature due to their skill or knowledge. Peoples are able to create new resources by using their knowledge. Whatever materials used for human beings are known as resources. On the other hand, peoples knowledge, skill, technology are resources. Therefore people are resources.

Question: What are the means of investments for people as resources or human resources?
Answer: There are so many things as investments for people as resources. For example medical facilities, educational facilities, training, etc. are investments for human resources. Here for developing people’s skill, knowledge or technological knowledge education, health facilities etc. are most important.

Question: “In spite of insufficient resources in Japan, they developed their country” – How?

Answer: Countries like Japan did not have sufficient natural resources. But, they developed their human resources by providing higher educational opportunity, good health facilities etc. Japan generally imports several natural resources from other countries and they use available resources in their country including knowledge or skills. In this way Japan developed their nation without sufficient natural resources.

Question: What are the factors affecting the qualities of the people?
Answer: There are so many factors affecting the qualities of the people. These are as follows –

  • Education: This is the key element of increasing quality of the people. People can achieve knowledge through education and they can be the part of the national development. Without education no one can increase the quality of the people.
  • Health: We know that health is knowledge and health facilities increase the ability of the people. Because people as resources may be possible when healthy people create some things for the development of the nation. This health facility depends on the government policy on health, number of hospitals or health centers etc.
  • Unemployment: This is also another factor affecting the quality of the people. Because of unemployment human resources gradually destroyed in a nation. Un-employment depends on the government policy, technological development of that nation, quality of education etc.

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