Role of the Government in Health - Class 7

Q1. What do you mean by good health?

Ans: Health means our ability to remain free of illness and injuries physically and mentally.

Q2. Write a short note on health care services in our country.
Ans: India has a large number of doctors, clinics and hospitals. The country also has considerable experience and knowledge in running a  public healthcare system. This is a system of hospitals and health centres run by the government. It has the ability to look after the health of a large section of its population scattered over hundreds of thousands of villages.
 Moreover, there has been a phenomenal advancement in medical sciences whereby many new technologies and treatment procedures are available in the country.
Q3. Discuss about the main features of public health care services.
I) The public health service is a chain of health centres and hospitals run by the government.
II) They are linked together so that they cover both rural and urban areas and can also provide treatment to all kinds of problems – from common illnesses to special services.
III) At the village level there are health centres where there is usually a nurse and a village health worker.
IV) At the district level is the District Hospital that also supervises all the health centres.
  Problems of Public health care services:
There are so many hospitals or health care centres facing many problems, like –
a) lacl of doctors,
b) lack of proper infrastructure,
c) insufficient medicines,
d) communication problem in village area,
e) number of hospitals and health care centres are very less,
f) unhygienic conditions surrounding the health care centres, etc.
g) behavior of doctors and nurses are not good in public hospitals,
h) Doctors always concentrate to their private nursing homes.
Q4. Discuss about the main features of private health care services.
Private hospitals and health care centres are providing very good services to the people. This private hospitals are operated by wealthy persons or organizations.
Some special features are –
A) Private hospitals are providing every kinds of facilities for the patients,
B) Experienced doctors and nurses take care of the patient properly,
C) All members of private hospitals treated their patients as gods,
D) Very clean and healthy facilities are provided by them.
E) New equipments are available for treatment.
Disadvantages/Main problems of private hospitals:
A) Though the private hospitals can provide everything for the patient, but after taking huge amount of money.
B) Maximum people in our country, they are not able to spend money and couldn’t get the access of private health care centres.
C) Sometimes private hospitals keep their patients for long time to get more profit.
D) The number of private hospitals are very less.
E) Sometimes patients comes under fraud persons.
F)  Private hospitals or health care facilities are available mainly in urban areas.

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