Rural Administration

Q. What was the debate among Mohan and Raghu? (Rural Administration)
Q. For what reason did Mohan go to the police headquarters?

Ans: Raghu had captured some of Mohan’s territory. In any case, Raghu can’t, when Mohan came to let him know. Not just this, Raghu called one of his helpers and they started yelling at Mohan and beating him up. Hence, Mohan chose to go to the police headquarters and document a report.

Q. For what reason did Mohan scare before going to Raghu?

Ans: Mohan was furious with Raghu, yet in addition a little frightened. Since, Raghu’s family was rich and his uncle was the Sarpanch of the town.

Q. What are the obligations of the police?

Ans: The obligations of the police are as per the following:

To enquire about the episode.

To research the case.

Capturing the denounced individual.

Sending the denounced individual to the courts.

Q. What is tehsil and tehsildars? (Rural Administration)

Ans: All states in India are divided into locale. For overseeing matters relating to land these locale are further sub-separated. These sub-divisions of a region are referred to by different names, for example, tehsil, taluka, and so forth.

● At the head is the District Collector and under her are the income officials, likewise known as tehsildars.

Q. What are the fictions of patwaries?

Ans: Estimating area and keeping land records is the primary work of the Patwari.

The Patwari is additionally liable for sorting out the assortment of land income from the ranchers and giving data to the oversee ment.

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