The Earth in the Solar System- 6

Question. What do you mean by celestial bodies?
Answer: All those objects shining in the sky including the sun, moon etc. in the sky is called as celestial bodies.

Question. What do you mean by stars? (The Earth in the Solar System)
Answer: Stars are made up of gases. Some celestial bodies are very hot and they are big. These stars have own light and heat which they emit huge amount. These celestial bodies are known as stars, like the sun.

Question. What do you mean by constellation?
Answer: While watching the sky at night, you may see various patterns formed by different groups of starts. These are known as constellations. Big bears or Ursa Major is an example of constellation.

Question. What is pole star – explain?

Answer: Generally in the ancient times, people used to determine directions at night with the help of this star. The north star indicates the north direction. This north star is known as the pole star. In the sky this star remain in the same position.

Question.Write the names of all planets according to the sequence from the sun.
Answer: There are 8 planet in the solar system. In order to their position from the sun they are as follows – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Pluto is the dwarf planet of the solar system

Question. Define orbit.
Answer: All the planets of the solar system moves around the sun in a fixed path. This path is elongated. It is known as Orbit.

Question. Define Geoid.
Answer: the earth like shape is also called as Geoid. The earth is the third nearest Planet of the solar system from the Sun. And this is the fifth largest planet of the solar system. The earth is slightly flattened at the north pole and the South Pole. The shape of the earth is not similar with the any kind of objects. This earth’s shape is called as Geoid.

Question. Do you think the earth is a unique planet – why?
Answer: the earth has the favorable condition for any kind of living beings. Such kinds of favorable conditions are not present in other planets. This is not too hot and too cold. Water and air is not present in other planets like in the earth. One of the most important things for human beings that is oxygen is not present in other planets like earth. The earth become the unique planet.

Question. Which planet is known as blue planet and why?

Earth is called as blue planet. Because maximum part of the earth surface is covered by water. That is why from the outer space the earth appears as a blue objects. Hence, this the earth is called as blue planet.

Question. What do you mean by asteroids?
Answer: there are so many celestial bodies except the stars and the planets which are moving around the sun. These are known as asteroids. Asteroids are found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is the largest asteroid in our solar system.

Question. Define meteoroids.
Answer: meteoroids are small pieces of rocks which are moving around the sun. Sometimes this meteoroids come near to the earth and tend to drop upon it.

Question. What do you mean by Galaxy and universe?
Answer: billions of stars, clouds of dust and gases are together known as Galaxy. Millions of Galaxy forms the universe.

Question. Always we see only one side of the Moon – why?
Answer: the moon moves around the earth within about 27 days. To complete one spin it takes exactly the same time. As a result we see only one side of the Moon from the Earth surface. Read more….
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