The Indian Constitution - Class VIII

Question: What do you mean by constitution? (The Indian Constitution)
Answer: In a large country there are so many people from different community and several castes. They are living together. As a large country so many problems are there in different part of the country. In such cases for solving different problems of different communities or castes or religions various problems needs some rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are very significant for maintaining the whole country peacefully. These rules and regulations may be written or verbal. These are called as constitution of a country.

Question: “A country needs a constitution” – Explain.
Answer:  For the development of a nation or country constitution is very significant because:
  • Constitution divides the power among the different section of the government for maintaining the whole responsibilities for the country.
  • Constitution safe the people or citizen from external and internal affairs.
  • This constitution is the safeguard of the citizen’s fundamental rights.
  • Because of this constitution powerful group of the people can’t dominate over the small group of people or community.
  • Constitution minimizes the illegal activities in a country.
  • Only that party can establish the power which is supported by majority of the people of that country because of this constitution.
  • Constitution helps to stop misuse of power by the members of the ruling party.

Question: Explain about different functions of several organs of the government.
Answer: Generally there are three organs of the government. These are – legislature, executive and judiciary.

  • Legislature: These are the representatives of the people and elected. Generally these members are responsible to the people to their work as per the demands of the people. The members of this legislature are keeps changing within a time period (generally 5 years in India).
  • Executive: These members are employed, generally through the examination process. They are responsible to apply the government’s decision in real ground.
  • Judiciary: This is the court system of a country. Generally they are the safeguard of constitution of a country. These members look after the whole activities of the nation are going on legally or not.

Question: Explain about the significant features of Indian constitution.

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