The Story of Village Palampur - Class IX

Palampur: This is one of the model village in south India.
  • Farming is the main activity of Palampur village. With the development of agriculture they also develop small scale industries, dairy or transport system.
  • Palampur was well connected with other villages.
  • Raiganj was a big village 3 km away from this village.
  • Palampur village has 450 families.
  • Facilities were available at this village:
    1. Proper drinking water facility.
    2. Electricity
    3. Primary school, high school
    4. Primary health care facility
    5. Private dispensary.
    6. Well road connectivity etc.
Q. What are the requirements for the production process?


  • Land: for producing anythings at first we need land resource and after that other natural resources, like water, forest or minerals etc.
  • Labour: this is another important requirement of production. Labour do many kinds of work on the field. Like for crop production labour do ploughing, maintaining agricultural field etc.
  • Physical capital: Here physical capital means other requirements for production like tools, machines or buildings, raw materials or money etc.
  • Human capital: Here human capital means all human efforts for production. For example we need knowledge, technology etc.

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