Traders Kings and Pilgrims

Q. Why some poets were rewarded by the rulers?

Ans: Many poets whose compositions are found in the Sangam collection composed poems in praise of chiefs who often rewarded them with precious stones, gold, horses, elephants, chariots, and fine cloth.
Q. Where did some kingdoms become more powerful in about 2300 years ago?
Ans: Amongst the river valleys, that of the Kaveri is the most fertile. Chiefs and kings who controlled the river valleys and the coasts became rich and powerful. the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyas, who became powerful in south India around 2300 years ago.
Q. What is silk route?
Ans: China who went to distant lands on foot, horseback, and on camels, carried silk with them. The paths they followed came to be known as the Silk Route.
Q. Why did some rulers capture silk routes?
Ans: Some kings tried to control large portions of the route. This was because they could benefit from taxes, tributes and gifts that were brought by traders travelling along the route.
Q. What is Buddhist council?
Ans: The most famous Kushana ruler was Kanishka, who ruled around 1900 years ago. He organised a Buddhist council, where scholars met and discussed important matters.
Q. What were the main features of new form of Buddhism?
Ans: A new form of Buddhism was known as Mahayana Buddhism. This had two distinct features.  1. The Buddha’s presence was shown by making of his statues.
2. The second change was a belief in Bodhisattvas. These were supposed to be persons who had attained enlightenment.

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