Understanding Diversity - 6


Q1. Give some examples of diversities in our country.


Due to the vast areas there are many kinds of diversities are seen in our country.
Like cultural diversity, food diversity, clothing diversity, religious diversity, language diversity, etc.
Q2. What were the differences between Samir Ek and Samir Do?
Ans: Samir  Ek and Samir come from different religious and cultural backgrounds. While Samir  Ek is a Hindu, Samir  Do is a Muslim. Different religious and cultural backgrounds such as these are an aspect of diversity.
Q3. What are the main reasons of diversity in our country?
Reasons of diversities are –
I) Different types of physical environment.
II) Effects of climatic condition.
III) Effects of other countries on people.
IV) Economic condition of the people.
V) Effects of social background.
VI) Different traditional thinking etc.
Q4. Do you think ‘unity in diversities’  are found in our country? – explain.
In our large country, different kind of diversities are seen. But all the peoples are living together, enjoying together, celebrating together different festivals, fighting for the nation together. All the people help each other for being their identity as Indians.

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