Urban Administration

Q. For what reason did the kids rush to Yashmin khala?

Ans:  When the kids were playing on the road cricket, they had broken road light. They turned out to be increasingly stressed. This is the reason the kids went to Yashmin khala to take care of their concern, who was resigned staff of metropolitan partnership.

Q. What are the obligations of metropolitan company?

Q. How the civil company do various functions in the city?

Ans: The city is separated into different divisions. So

there is the water department, the trash collection department, an office to look after gardens, another to care for streets and so on. These divisions carry out their chose responsibilities in the city.

Q. How did Gangabai challenge the trash affidavit in her ward?

Ans: Gangabai accumulated a small group of ladies and went to councilor’s house. They started yelling mottos in front of his house and he came out and asked them what wasn’t right.

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