Water Resources - Class X

This chapter is only for Periodic Test
1. Why is the requirement for water resource expanding day by day?***

The requirement for water resource is expanding step by step on the grounds that:-

  • Rapid urbanization.
  • Large requests of water for quickly developing populace.
  • Water assets are being over misused.
2. Why do we moderate water? **

We monitor water on the grounds that:-

  • Protect normal biological system.
  • Protect ourselves from normal perils
  • Ensure nourishment security.
3. Explain any three purposes behind water shortage in India.***
  • Intensive industrialization and urbanization after freedom.
  • The water is getting dirtied by household and mechanical wastage.
  • Population abuse prompted decline of ground water level.
4. Describe any three pressure driven structures of antiquated India.**

Three instances of water driven structure of antiquated India:-

  • Water reaping framework was worked in the first century BC close Allahabad.
  • During the hour of Chandra Gupta Maurya, dams, lakes, and water system frameworks were built.
5. .Mention three significant wellsprings of water system in India. Which wellspring of water system is progressively famous in Southern India? Why?

Three significant wellsprings of water system in India are:- (i)Canals (ii)Tube Wells and (iii)Tanks.

Tank water system is generally well known in Southern India, on the grounds that these states for the most part come

under Deccan Plateau which can’t for water system by waterways.

6. Write the favorable circumstances and detriments of dams.

Dams have the accompanying favorable circumstances:

  • Flood control.
  • Irrigation System
  • Generation of hydroelectricity
  • Cultures of aquatics.


  • Create fake flood.
  • Loss of characteristic living space of aquatics.
  • Sedimentation of the stores.
  • Problem of restoration of individuals close by stream.
7. Mention the conventional downpour water reaping rehearsed in India.
  • Kuls or Guls in Western Himalayans
  • Khadins and Johads in Rajasthan.
  • Tank or tankas in the parched and semi-bone-dry locales of Bikaner, Phalodi and Barmer.
  • Inundation channels of West Bengal
8. What is a dam? Group dams. (Water Resource)

Dam is a boundary across streaming water that blocks, coordinates or retards the stream ,regularly making a supply ,lake or impoundment.

Grouping of Dams:-

  • On the premise of structure and material utilized :- Timber Dam, Embarkment Dam what’s more, Masonry Dam.
  • On the premise of stature:- Major Dam , Medium Dam and Low dam.
  • Barrages are worked for supply of water to farming fields or township close by.
9. Explain the cutting edge technique for water collecting? Name the state which has made it necessary.

Housetop water collecting is the cutting edge technique received to reap water. The followings are the means:-

  • Rooftop water is gathered utilizing a PVC pipes.
  • Filtered utilizing sand and blocks.
  • Underground pipe takes water to sump for sure fire utilization.
  • Water from the well revives the underground.
  • Take water from the well (later).

Tamil Nadu has made housetop water gathering obligatory in structures.

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