What is Democracy? Why Democracy? - Class IX

Democracy in the Contemporary World

Q. What do you mean by Democracy?

Answer: Democracy means a type of government which is elected by the common people of that particular country. This government is “for the people, of the people and by the people”.

  Q. What are the main features of democracy?


  1. Decisions for the country by elected members:
    This is one of the most important feature of democratic type of government. Here all decisions for the country are taken by the elected member of the government. All adult people of the country elects these members.
  2. Electoral competition – free and fair:
    Here free and fair election process is common. Here fare and free election indicates universal adult franchise. Each and every citizen – rich-poor, upper caste-lower casts, male-female etc. have equal rights to vote. The value of each citizen counted as one.
  3. One person, One vote and One value:
    Each and every citizens have equal right to vote and each voters value is one. In this case no discrimination is common features. For example in Soudi Arabia we saw that women had no rights to vote. But, in democratic country male-female, poor-rich, upper caste-lower caste every people  have equal right to vote and their value is one or equal.
  4. Rule of law and respect for rights:
    In democratic country, there are so many rules and regulations for the citizens. Here everyone should respect every rules and they are responsible to each other to protect fundamental rights of the people.

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