What, Where, How and When

What Where How and When

Q1. Where did people live?              (What Where How and When)
Ans: People have lived along the banks of this river for several hundred thousand years like, Narmada river bank area.

Q2. Why did the earliest people store foods?
Ans: Some of the earliest people were skilled  gatherers, — that is, people who gathered their food. They were collected fruits, roots, or other forests products. These people were also hunted animals to increase their security of foods.

Q3. Why the Sulaiman and Kirthar hill areas are more important?
Ans: In this Sulaiman and Kirthar some women and men first began to grow crops such as wheat and barley about 8000 years ago. Then so many people start to rearing animals like goat, sheep, and cattle or lived in villages.

Q4. Where did some earliest cities flourish?

Ans: About 4700 years ago, some of the earliest cities flourished on the banks of river Indus and its tributaries. After that in about 2500 years ago some cities were developed on the banks of the river Ganga.

Q5. Why did the earliest people move from place to place?
Ans:  The earliest people moved from one place to another for –

  1. Searching foods,
  2. Hunting,
  3. Conquering others land.

Q6. How did the name of the country ‘India’ come?
Ans: The Iranians and the Greeks who came through the northwest about 2500 years ago and were familiar with the Indus, called it the Hindos or the Indos, and the land or country to the east of the river was become India.

Q7. Why the country India is known as ‘Bharata’?

Ans: The name Bharata was used for a group of people who lived in the northwest, and who are mentioned in the Rigveda, the earliest composition in Sanskrit (dated to about 3500 years ago). Later it was used for the country.

Q8. Write a short note on manuscripts.
Ans: There are several ways of finding out about the past. Historians had to search for and read books that were very long times ago. These are known as manuscripts, because they were written by hand.
Generally these were written on palm leafs or on the bark of the birch trees.

Q9. What is inscription?
Ans:  These were some writings on relatively hard surfaces such as stone or metal about few historical facts is called inscriptions.

Q10. What do you mean by archaeologist?
Ans: There are so many things that made or used in the past. These materials are studied to know the past and who studies about these old materials, they are known as archaeologists.

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