1. Packeting Bread:

If you take bread daily for breakfast it harms you because it has 4 types of poisons in it. Such as maida, sugar, salt, and hydrated ghee which totally affect your body completely. Also if you consume this daily you will start quickly gaining body weight, and your skin diseases will start, also it will harm your digestive system and also heart disease problems. Mostly these problems can attack you and your body if you take bread daily for your breakfast on a regular basis.

2. Packeting Chips:

If you take packed chips on a daily basis you will have to face high cholesterol and a rise in blood pressure. And also if you increase taking these chips more it might meet your cancer. Sometimes after quite long days, you can eat it but not daily. People are wasting a lot of money on buying and eating this harmful thing but they don’t know that they are not only spending money on buying chips they are also spending money on doctors to cure them because these chips are harming them deep inside slowly and they don’t even know about that.

3. Chocolates:

Chocolates are favorites to everyone but not every chocolate is harmful some of the chocolates are harmful to you. There are many types and flavors of chocolate that are easily available on the market at a very low cost. This type of chocolate is not good for you because that is made of sugar there is no more cocoa powder present in them but hydrogenated fats are mixed in it. And if you take this type of chocolates daily it will invite high weight, high cholesterol, and diabetes to your body.

4. Noodles:

Full of maida and many other chemicals are mixed in noodles to make them long-lasting. By consuming this you are going gain your weight more and also high blood pressure. Sodium is also present at a high level in maggie which affects your blood pressure and heart problems.

5. cold drinks:

Cold drinks are taken by any people. Uncountable bottles are being sold in a single day of cold drinks in India. It is made with a lot amount of sugar and chemicals in it. Cold drinks don’t have a single thing in them which can help our body. Cold drinks also help you to gain weight more.

6. Pizza:

Pizza is considered junk food because it is made full of maida. Pizza is a snack for many people they take it as a snack mostly in the evening. It is prepared with many ingredients such as vegetables, cheese, fiber, sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, and protein. Cheese is the main ingredient of pizza without cheese pizza is useless. Overconsumption of pizza can gain weight more and it is not a healthy option for snacks. Extra gaining weight can invite many health diseases and skin diseases in your body.

7. Macaroni:

Macaronies are made of highly hydrogenated things which will affect your blood pressure level. If you regularly take this for a year then your body will be affected by diabetes and you will be a diabetic patient. And also if you want to eat it then use a lot number of vegetables to it when you are making macaroni which causes help you for a little bit and can also help your body from many diseases and health-related issues.

8. Bakery products:

Bakery products include many things such as biscuits, cookies, pastries, patties, etc. Basically, in these products, the people or makers of these products mix 4 poisons in it such as sugar, salt, maida, and hydrogenated ghee. Maida is very harmful to our health it does invite many harmful diseases in our bodies to stay and make their home in our bodies. Don’t use maida products on a daily basis which is very harmful to you. Maida gains your weight double and makes your body weak according to your age and strength.

9. Packeting pickles:

Basically with food such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner many people make pickles with their food as a good combination and also as a good taste. With heavy use of these pickles our digestive system, gets affected. Also if you want to be safe from diarrhea then stop taking pickles with your food. Regular use of pickles can affect your body in many ways such as stomachache, blood pressure, liver problems, and many hidden problems inside your body.

10. Packed juices:

Every type of juice is available in the market with full packaging and coverage but you don’t know that they are not real fruit juice they are mixed with many chemicals in it.