Class 8

Here select your chapter and get all social science chapter wise questions and answers. These questions and answers are text book based.

Class 8


Ch-1:. Resources
Ch-2:. Land, soil, water, natural vegetation and wildlife resources
Ch-3:. Mineral and power resources
Ch-4:. Agriculture
Ch-5:. Industries
Ch-6:. Human Resources

Part-I Class 8

Ch-6:. Colonialism and the City The Story of an Imperial Capital
Ch-2:. Understanding Secularism 
So many student search for getting all chapter wise questions and answers together. If you are also searching for such type of online study material, you are in a right direction. These questions and answers of class 8 and Social Science subject are designed by many social science teachers of different educational organization. Just always remember that these items of questions and answers are designed on the basis of previous years question paper. Here all questions and answers are text book based. Just select your chapter and get questions and answers. Just write these questions and answer in your notebook and read very attentively. After reading these items build a habit of writing without watching your notebook.
Friend don’t neglects these suggestion. Best of luck.

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