Constitutional Design – Class IX

Constitutional Design

Constitutional Design - Class IX

Constitutional design in different countries:

  • Nelson Mandela:
    i. He was the leader in South Africa. He fought against the apartheid system.
    ii. Nelson Mandela was sentences lifetime imprisonment, because he oppose against the apartheid system in Africa.
    iii. He spent 28 years (after 1964) in prison, Robben Island.
·        What is ‘Apartheid’? Explain about its main features.

Answer: Apartheid means the differentiation of people mainly on the basis of skin colour. This system was in South Africa. Generally the natives of South Africa were black in colour. On the other hand unlike India white people also settle in Africa. Except these two (black African and white European) colored people there were mixed colour people in Africa. This mixed colour people were called as ‘colored’ people.

In the Apartheid system many kinds of facilities were available for white people only. But, others like black or colored people always neglected by white. For example black people were not allowed to enter in the white people’s area except permission.
School, Colleges, Cinema halls or other kinds of public facilities for the black people were separated from the white.


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