Desi Status in Hindi – Real Life Based Cute and Romantic Status

Desi Status in Hindi

This status are related to Desi Status in Hindi. All best status for life 2019 are carefully designed by our experts with some beautiful photos. Here, all quotes and photos are unique and special care taken with the real life situation for desi status in Hindi.

Desi Hot Status for You:

Friends our life is more valuable and we have to be precise. Desi status in Hindi is very helpful to express feelings with your mother tongue. This status are very hot and romantic which can be used to impress. Some times we use local hot type quotes to impress others. Friends these are related so. All of we are using hot status for expressing our feelings. Friends this is one type of attitude. We will use these cute and hot Desi status in Hindi for showing attitude. Often many of us search for such status in Hindi to show their attitude, so this post is for them hot status. 

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तेरे बिना जीवन तो जिनजालाला हो रही ला।

The actual meaning of this quote in Hindi is “tumhare bina mera ye jiwan bekar ho gaya hai.”

मैं तुझे हर दिन देख रहि ला मेरो मन मा।

Means of this qoute in Hindi is – Main tumhe roj roj dekhta hum, kyoki tum rehte ho mere dil mein.


प्यार तो कश्मीर जैसे हो रही ला,
सुन्दर बहुत बा, और लफड़ा भी।

Real meaning is ” Pyar Kashmir jaisa hai. jisko dekhne ko sundar lagta hai, par isme lafda bahut hota hai.”
वादा तो हम भी कर दी ला,
पर उसे निभाना पता नहीं बा।

Actual meanig of this quote in Hindi is- Wada karna aasan hai, lekin use nibhana bahut kathin hota hai”
मेरो दिल तो ढक ढक करने लागि च,
आजा मेरो घर म, नहीं तो जान जाए स।

Actual meaning in Hindi is ” Mera dil tumhare liye dhadakne laga hai, tum jaldi mere jiwan mein aa jao, nehi to mera ye jiwan mar jayega.”
मोर लगी क्या तेनु मन पाषाण भयों,
तेनु लगी मेरी मन आकुलता हुंच।

the actual meaning of this quote is ” main tumhe hamesha ke liye sochta hum, lekin tum kya mere liye sochna bandh kiya?”

हम तेरो लगी दिन रात सोचते,
क्या तु भी मेरी खातिर ऐसा है।

The meaning of this quote in real hindi is “Main tumhare liye raat din sochta hum, kya tum bhi mere liye aisehi sochti hoo?”


Each and every day we are using different kinds of social media to share our feelings with our nearest one. In this situation we use different kinds of languages even sometimes code word. Whatever we are using, that is not matter. But, one important think is that we must be able to express our feeling. Otherwise the meaning of these type of communication is meaningless. So, here are some techniques to share our experiences and feeling.
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