Electoral Politics – Class IX

Electoral Politics

Q. What are the main challenges of free and fair election?

Answer: (Electoral Politics)

  • So many people try to use their muscle power to elect on the election.
  • Some times people try to buy votes by giving money.
  • Sometimes few people with criminal record try to secure election ticket.
  • Many common people can’t choice their own choice leader.
Q. What do you think about the needs of elections?

Answer: Elections are needed because of as follows:

  • People can choose their leader to solve their problems.
  • Choosing leader who will make laws for the country.
  • Election is needed to elect leaders for taking major decisions for the country or for the society.
  • Election is essential to choose the party who will guide the government.
Q.  How the election may be democratic?

Answer: Election may be democratic when –

  • Each and every citizen should have the right of equal value of votes.
  • Every political parties will offer some real choice to the people to motivate.
  • Elections will organize in a regular basis.
  • People will conduct election in a free and fair basis.
Q. Explain about the process about the procedures of election in India.


  • Electoral constituency: Electoral constituency means an area where people live and where they can give their votes to elect their leader.
  • Voters List: Voter lists are prepared on the basis one people, one vote. Each voters contains an identity card with EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Cards).
  • Election ticket: Each party will get one election ticket on a particular region. On the basis of election ticket or approval of leadership by the election commission can compete with other parties.
  • Election Campaigning: After getting election ticket that leader will campaign to motivate people or to make promises to solve peoples’ problem after coming to the power.
  • Polling of votes: In a free and fair way people will poll their votes on a booth to choose their party.
  • Counting of Votes and declaration: After the completion of the voting process counting starts. On the basis of counted votes against a party member declared as the winners or make a legal declaration of result.

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