Forest and Wildlife Resources – Class X

Forest and Wildlife Resources For Periodic Test Only

1. How has human activities affected the depletion of flora and fauna ? – Explain.

Human activities have affected the depletion of flora and fauna in the following ways :-

  • Rapid urbanization & industrialization have led to clearing of forests & depletion of flora & fauna.
  • A large population means more food production. Agriculture is also responsible for the depletion of forests.
  • Mining & multipurpose projects is another reason for depletion of flora & fauna.


2.     Discuss about any three effective practices to preserve forest & wildlife. ***

The following can be the three effective practices towards conserving forest & wildlife:

  • Setting up of national parks & wildlife sanctuaries by the Central & State Governments.
  • By launching targeted projects like Project Tiger, important species whose life is in danger.
  • Bringing together communities with government projects is the most effective way to conserve forest & wildlife resources.


3.     What is biodiversity? Why is biodiversity important for human life?***
  • Biodiversity is the existence of rich and varied plants & animal species that exist in a particular area &make a balanced environment.
  • It is important for human life as the plants, animals & micro organisms are responsible for the water we drink, the air we breathe & the soil on which we grow food.
  • We depend on biodiversity for our existence.

4.     Write any three measures to conserve ecosystem. ***

  • Forests should be reserved & more trees should be planted.
  • Wildlife must be protected by enacting laws & creating awareness among people.
  • Starting various projects or policy to protect endangered species of plants and wildlife.


5.     Distinguish between reserved & protected forests.***

1 These are most valuable. Mainly try to protect from any further depletion.
2 More than half of the forests are reserve forest Almost 1/3 rd of the total forest has been declared as protected forest.
3 These are found in Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. In Bihar, Haryana, Punjab these types of forest are available etc.

6.     Write about any three adverse effects of the destruction of the forest and wildlife.**

  • Destruction of forest & wildlife leads to disturbances in ecological balance of the environment.
  • It also affects the cultural loss of communities & their displacement.
  •  It also disturbs the food chain, ecosystem & development of the society.
7.     When was the Indian Wildlife Protection Act implemented? Describe its main objectives. ***

The Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972 for protecting habitats of wildlife.

Main objectives:

  • To protect this types of endangered species we have to banned hunting, providing legal protection to their habitats & stopping trade and wildlife.
  • The Central & State Government established National Parks & wildlife sanctuaries to conserve  & protect flora & fauna.
  • The Central Government also announced various projects for protecting specific animals, which were threatened, like Project Tiger & Project Rhino.
8.     Discuss the salient features of Joint Forest Management programme.(JFM)***
  • In India, JFM programme is a good example of how local communities were involved in the management & restoration of degraded forest.
  • It has been in existence since 1988.
  • The state of Odisha first passed the resolution for JFM.
  • It depends on the formation of local institutions that undertake protection activities mostly on degraded forest land managed by the forest department.

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