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Geography As Discipline Multiple Choice Question

The following question answer and keywords are related to geography as a discipline. Dear learners kindly read these question and answers or important keywords. It is very helpful to attend 100% short question in the examination. Therefore, again and again reading of these points will be profitable for you.

Geography as Discipline

These points are simplified from different Multiple choice and short questions

    1. Who first used the term ‘geography’?
      Ans: Eratosthenes (Greek scholar).
    2. From which language the word geography has been taken?
      Ans: The word has been derived from two roots from Greek language Geo (earth) and Graphos (description).
    3. It is logical to perceive geography as the study of aerial differentiation.
    4. Geography drives its data base from all the natural and Social Sciences and attend their synthesis.
    5. Geography is concerned with the study of nature and human interactions as well integrated whole.
    6. As a social science discipline, Geography studies the spatial organisation and special integration.
    7. Geography as a discipline is concerned with three sets of questions what, where, why.
    8. Population Geography is closely linked with the discipline of demography.
    9. The systematic Geography approach is the same as that the general geography. This approach was introduced by Alexander Von Humboldt, a German geographer.
    10. The regional Geography approach was developed by another German geographer and a contemporary of Humboldt, Karl Ritter.
    11. In a systematic approach of Geography, a phenomena is studies world over as a whole.

    12. Geomorphology is devoted to the study of landforms, their evolution and related processes.
    13. Climatology encompasses the study of structure of atmosphere and elements of weather and climate and climatic types and regions.
    14. Hydrology studies the real of water over the surface of the Earth including Ocean lakes river and other water bodies.
    15. Soil Geography is devoted to the study of the processes of soil formation, soil types, their fertility status, distribution and use.
    16. Social or cultural Geography encompasses the study of society and its special dynamics as well as the cultural elements contributed by the society.
    17. Population Geography studies population growth, distribution, density, sex ratio, migration and occupational structure etc.
    18. Settlement Geography study the characteristics of rural and urban settlements.
    19. Economic Geography studies economic activities of the people including agriculture, industry, tourism, trade and transport, infrastructure and services etc.
    20. Historical geography studies the historical processes through which the space gets organised.
    21. Ecology deals with the scientific study of the habitats characteristics of species.
    22. Geo Informatics comprising techniques services Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, etc.
    23. According to Richard Hartshorne Geography is concerned with the description and explanation of the areal differentiation of the Earth surface.
    24. According to Hettner Geography studies the differences of phenomena usually related in the different part of the Earth’s surface.
Question: Explain – Geography concerned with three sets of question.

Answer: The base of geographical study depends on three sets of question: ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’.

  • What: this word in geographical study is very much important. For example whatever discussions are taken into consideration is related to the question ‘what’. In geographical study identification of patterns of natural or cultural features are important. Here automatically question (what) comes. Like what are the main features of landforms.
  • Where: Whatever geographical study is going on, this question automatically comes. For example the geographical discussion is related to black soil. Here automatically question comes – where are these black soil found?
  • Why: this is an another important question very much related with the geographical study. Any kinds of geographical explanation is the result of this question (why). For example the discussion point is black soil and here question comes – why this soil is black in colour?
Question:  Explain geography as a discipline of special synthesis.

Answer: Geography is a discipline of special synthesis. It includes ‘spatial synthesis’ or ‘temporal synthesis’. Here every synthesis consists of scientific explanation.

  •  Spatial synthesis:

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