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Quiz on Human Development - India

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Which of the following states is having the lowest literacy rate?

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“Development is freedom” Freedom from hunger, poverty, servitude, bondage, ignorance, illiteracy etc. Which of the following factors is not considered as fundamental to freedom?

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In the developed states of Punjab and Haryana, child sex ratio is below 850 female children per 1000 male children. Which of the following factors are responsible for it?

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Which of the following states are posing a disturbing condition in case of child sex ratio In the age group of 0-6 years?

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According to the census 2011, in which of the only following states is having
satisfactory Sex ratio in the age group of 0-6?

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In which of the following states, 10% population is living below poverty line?

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Which of the following factors is not important to measure healthy and long life?

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According to the data collected in 2011-12, In Which of the following states more than 30 % population lives in below poverty line?

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Consider and evaluate the following factors and problems related to human development and make the correct pairs with the help of given codes

I. Historical factors 1. Level of empowerment
II. Socio-cultural factors 2. Crime and terrorism
III. Social factors 3. Colonialism and imperialism
IV. Political factors 4. Abuse of human rights and social discrimination
a. 3 4 2 1
b. 1 2 3 4
c. 4 3 2 2
d. 3 4 1 2

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Present development is held responsible for which of the following bad effects?

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Which of the following inter related aspects of development has direct bearings on deteriorating human conditions?

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Consider the following statements and choose the correct answer with the help of given codes.

I. Development is a mix bag of opportunities as well as neglect and deprivations.

II. There are few areas like the metropolitan centers and other developed enclaves that have all the modern facilities available to a small section of its population. At the other extreme of it, there are large rural areas and the slums in the urban areas that do not have basic amenities like potable water, education and health facilities.

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Which of the following group is most sufferer at the distribution of the development opportunities among different sections of our society?

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Which of the following factors play decisive role in the allocation of the nature of human Development?

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According to the Human Development Report of 1993, which of the following conditions correctly depicts the human development?

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