Quiz on Population Composition – Class 12 Geography

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Quiz on Population Composition

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What kind of shape for Nigerian population pyramid we observe?

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Consider the following statements, try to establish cause and effect relationship between these
two and choose the correct option for the same.

I. The Japan pyramid has a narrow base and a tapered top showing low birth and death rates.
II. The population growth in developed countries is usually zero or negative.

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What kind of shape we observe for Australia’s age-sex pyramid_____

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If a Population Pyramid of a country has triangular shaped with wide base, it indicates___

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Which of the following features is shown by population pyramid?

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Which of the following is an important indicator of population composition ___

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If a country is having large proportion of young population, it would means ____

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A greater proportion of population above 60 years of age in a country indicates ____

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Consider the following statements and choose correct options from the given options;
I. Males population found in minority in the greater part of Europe.
II. A deficit of males in the populations in European countries is attributed to better status of women and an excessively male dominated out migration to different parts of the world in the past.

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Which of the following continent generally recorded low sex ratio?

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Which of the following countries found lowest sex ratio?

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Regions having rampant gender discrimination found unfavorable sex ratio, because of _____

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An area having more numbers of women mainly indicates ---

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Through which of the following we can get an important information about the status of women in a country?

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What do we called the ratio between the number of women and man in the population?

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