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QUIZ on Water Resources

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QUIZ on Water Resources - class 12

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16. Consider and evaluate the following statements and choose the correct answer from the given options.

I. The availability of usable water is limiting day by day.
II. The available water resource is getting polluted due to increase in population, industrial, agricultural and domestic effluents.

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5. In which of the following states, the groundwater utilization is very high?

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10. Which of the following crops does not require much water to grow?

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7. The lagoons of states like Kerala, Odisha and West Bengal are not utilized to which of the following purpose?

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12. What percent of net sown area in Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh is under irrigation?

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1. India shares what percent of world’s water resources?

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9. Which of the following areas of our country are deficient in rainfall and are drought prone?

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17. Which of the following are the most polluted rivers of the country?

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27. Which of the following is the aim of watershed management program ?

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4. Much of the annual water flow of which of the following rivers has not been harnessed?

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14. Consider the following and choose the correct answers from the given options.

I. Over withdrawals of groundwater in Rajastan and Maharashtra increased fluoride Concentration.
II. This practice has led to increase in concentration of arsenic in parts of West Bengal and Bihar.

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3. The total utilizable water resources in the country is only--------------cubic km.

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6. Which of the following groups of states utilize groundwater the most?

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23. Which of the following rainwater harvesting structures have not been constructed under Arvary Pani Sansad Program ?

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13. Provision of irrigation makes -----------------------possible.

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26.Which of the following is not the benefit of rain water harvesting?

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8. Which of the following sectors utilize most of the surface and ground water?

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28. Which of the following method is not associated with watershed management program ?

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29. In India water is mainly used for which of the following purposes ?

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2. How much water is available from surface water and replenish able ground water in India?

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22. In which of the following states the share of area irrigated through wells and tube wells is very high ?

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15. What is the negative impact of intensive irrigation in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Western U.P.?

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31. Which of the following pairs is not matched correctly ?

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19. Match the column I with column II and choose the correct answer with the help of given Codes.
I Yamuna 1. Hyderabad
II Kali 2. Kanpur and Varanasi
III Gomati 3. Ahmedabad
IV Sabarmati 4. Lucknow
V Ganga 5. Madurai
VI Musi 6. Delhi and Etawah

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30. Which of the following agents are not the main source of pollution in rivers ?

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11. Which of the following groups of states observed the successful strategy of Green revolution of agricultural development?

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21. Neeru-Meeru (water and You ) program is associated with which of the following states ?

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18. Which of the following is not a cause of water pollution?

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24. Which of the following states made compulsory to install rainwater harvesting system while constructing houses or buildings?

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25. In Rajasthan rainwater harvesting structures locally known as-----------------are constructed.

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20. Which of the following programs sponsored by central government aims at enabling the rural population to conserve water for drinking, irrigation, fisheries and afforestation?

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Read the chapter line by line and then try to solve these Quiz on Water Resources.


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