Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

  • Class 12 Geography important Short Questions: from this tertiary and quaternary activities chapter all multiple choice questions are simplified. 

tertiary and quaternary activities

  • About 55000 patients from USA visited India in 2005 for treatment.
  • Medical tourism brings abundant benefits to developing countries like India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • The Digital divide: There are wide ranging of economic and social differences among different countries due to technological advantages.
  • What is medical tourism? Answer: When medical treatment is combined with international tourism activity, it lends itself to what is commonly known as medical tourism.
  • To which sector are the tertiary activities related?
    Answer: Service sector.
  • Write any two types of trade.
    Answer: Retail and Wholesale.
  • Write the names of any two means of communication.
    Answer: TV and radio.
  • Write any two jobs that involve mental work.
    Answer: Teaching and doctor.
  • Write any two quaternary activities.
    Answer: Scientist, researchers, administrators.
  • Write any two examples of low order services.
    Answer: Cobbler, gardener, washer man etc.
  • Give two examples of important high order services.
    Answer: Finance and insurance.
  • Which is the fastest means of communication?
    Answer: Mobile, satellite.
  • Name two tourist regions of the world?
    Answer: Mediterranean and Goa coast.
  • Write any two elements of tertiary activities.
    Answer: Productivity and exchange.
  • Demand, transport, climate, landscape, History and art, socio-cultural etc. are important factors controlling tourism.
  • Quinary activities are services that focus on the creation, re-arrangement and interpretation of new and existing ideas.
  • New trends in Quaternary services include knowledge processing outsourcing (KPO).
  • The highest level of decision makers of policy makers perform Quinary activities.

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