The Delhi Sultans – Class 7

Q1. Under which rulers Delhi became important commercial centre?

Ans: The Tomaras and Chauhans that Delhi became an important commercial centre. Many rich Jaina merchants lived in the city and constructed several temples. Coins minted here, called dehliwal, had a wide circulation.

Q2. What do you mean by bandagan?
Ans: The consolidation of a kingdom as vast as the Delhi Sultanate needed reliable governors and administrators. Rather than appointing aristocrats and landed chieftains as governors, the early Delhi Sultans, especially Iltutmish, favoured their special slaves purchased for military service, called  bandagan  in Persian.
Q3. What is client?
Ans: A client is someone who is under the protection of another, a dependent or hanger-on.
Q4. What do you mean by iqtas and iqtadar or mukti?
Ans: The Khalji and Tughluq monarchs appointed military commanders as governors of territories of varying sizes. These lands were called  iqta  and their holder was called  iqtadar  or muqti.

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