The Origin and the Evolution of the Earth – Class 11

The Origin and the Evolution of the Earth

Here, some very important points of the origin and the evolution of the earth are prepared to solve multiple choice question and answer. These key points are mainly taken from different multiple choice and short questions. Therefore, remember these keywords and attend 100% multiple choice question in the examination. 

The origin and the evolution of the earth

  • Gaseous hypothesis propounded by Immanuel Kant ( German philosopher).
  • Nebular hypothesis propounded by Laplace in 1796.
  • Chamberlain and Moultan propounded planetesimal hypothesis in 1905.
  • James jeans and Harold Jeffreys propounded tidal hypothesis in 1950.
  • The Big Bang Theory is also known as expanding Universe hypothesis.
  • Edwin Hubble, in 1928 provided evidences that the universe is expanding.
  • The event of Big Bang to place about 13.7 billion years before the present.
  • Within 3 lakhs years from the Big Bang, temperature dropped to 4500 Kelvin.
  • Hoyle give the concept of steady state.

  • The diameter of individual galaxies ranges from 80000 to 150 Thousand Light years.
  • Galaxy stars to form by accumulation of hydrogen gas in the form of a very large cloud called Nebula.
  • The formation of stars is believed to have taken place some 5 to 6 billion years ago.
  • The planet earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago.
  • The moon was formed about 4.44 billion years ago.
  • The process through which the gases were outpoured from the interior is called degassing.
  • The first reptiles arise in the world in carboniferous period of Palaeozoic era.
  • Frocks and turtles arise in the world Triassic period of Mesozoic era.
  • Extinction of Dinosaurs occurred in Cretaceous period of Mesozoic era.
  • The earth Ocean wire formed within 500 million years from the formation of the earth.
  • About 3800 million years ago life begin to evolve.
  • About 2000 million years ago, oxygen began to flood in the atmosphere.

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