Water Resources

Water Resources

India accounts for about 2.45% of worlds surface area, 4% of the water resources and about 16% of world’s population. The total utilizable water resource in the country is only 1122 cubic km. This water resources related important points are as follows:

Water Resources

  • Which percentage of the Earth is covered with water?
    Answer: 71%.
  • Mention any two States where groundwater level utilization is very high?
    Answer: Punjab and Haryana.
  • Which sector grounds for most of the surface and ground water utilisation?
    Answer: Agriculture.
  • Why is irrigation required?

    Answer: Because of spatio temporal variability in rainfall in the country.

  • In which state major part of the irrigation is carried out by well and tubewells?
    Answer: Gujarat.
  • Mention two highly polluted river of our country.
    Answer: Ganga and Yamuna.
  • What is the local name of rainwater harvesting structure in Rajasthan?
    Answer: Kund aur Tanka.
  • Who has sponsored Hariyali program?
    Answer: Central Government of India.
  • “Aravali Pani Sansad” launched in Rajasthan.
  • Irrigation by tube well and wells – 76.1% in Punjab and 51.3%in Haryana.
  • What is the full form of CPCB?
    Answer: The full form of CPCB is the central pollution control board.
  • The central government of India sposored Haryali and it is a watershed development project.
  • Neeru-Meeru (Water and You) programme (in Andhra Pradesh) and Arvary Pani Sansad (in Alwar, Rajasthan) have taken up constructions of various water harvesting structures such as percolation tanks, dug out ponds, check dams etc.

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