What Books and Burials Tell Us

What Books and Burials Tell Us – Class 6 History Notes

What Books and Burials Tell Us

Question: Explain about different forms of Vedas.      (What Books and Burials Tell Us)
Answer:  There are four branch or form of Vedas. These are the Rigveda, Samveda,Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. the Veda is one of the oldest book in the world. This book was composed or written about 3500 years ago.

Question: What do you mean by ‘Suktas’?
Answer: There are more than a thousand hymns in Rigvedas which are known as ‘Suktas’. Suktas means ‘well-said’. This suktas or hymns are praise for various gods or goddesses.

Question: Which god or goddesses were mentioned in Vedas?
Answer: There were three important gods mentioned in Vedas. These are Agni, Indra and Soma. Here Agni means the god of fire, Indra means the god of warrior and Soma means a plant from where a special drink were prepared.

Question: In what ways the cattle were prayed by the people in Rigvedas period?
Answer: There were so many prayers for the cattle or horses. Generally horses were used in the battle fields. Such type of battle was for capturing land or capturing cattle also.

Question: Explain about people’s sacrifices after winning the battle in Rigvedas period.
Answer: There were so many battle for capturing land or cattle etc. After winning the battle people performed several types of rituals. Sometimes they used to sacrifices some winning wealth to the fire. They used grains, ghee, and in some cases animals also.

Question: Write a short note on Aryas, Dasa and Dasis.

Answer: There were some people who composed several types of hymns called as Aryas. On the other hand Dasa and Dasis were the oponents of Aryas. These Dasa or Dasis were not allowed to performed rituals of any type of sacrifices. These Dasa or Dasis came to mean slaves. Probably these Dasa or Dasis were spoke different languages also.


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