What is Government? - Class 6 Civics

What is Government? – Class 6 Civics Online Study Materials

Question: What do you mean by government? (What is Government? – Class 6 Civics)
Answer: Government is an organized group of people. These members of government are elected by the people. Governments are different types- like Democratic government, monarchy, bureaucracy etc.

Question: Explain about different levels of government.

Answer: There are mainly three levels of government – the local level, state level and the central level. Here local level government means the gram panchayat, Municipal Corporation etc. On the other hand the state government and the central government plays vital role for providing various facilities to the people. Here state government serves several facilities to the people within the state. But the central government provides many facilities for the whole country.

Question: What are the main roles of the government?

Answer: The governments are responsible to the people to provide several facilities.

  • Governments are responsible for providing many facilities by taking major decisions.
  • Government provides health services.
  • The government is also responsible for providing educational facilities to the people by making school colleges etc.
  • Government provides transportation facilities for the people etc.
Question: How the government makes laws?    (What is Government? – Class 6 Civics)

Answer: The government is responsible to the people for providing better lifestyles. Therefore the government takes major decisions and sometimes the government makes laws in favor of the people. This laws made by the government are equally applicable to all the people. If maximum people of that particular state or country dislike any laws the government is also responsible to take the action in favor of the people.

Question: What are the basic differences between the democratic government and the monarchy form of government?

Answer: In the case of the democratic forms of government people are more respected and all the decisions are taken for betterment of the people. On the other hand, people’s choices are negligible or not taken into consideration in the monarchy forms of government. Generally people can select their ruler in democracy. But in the case of monarchy people can’t select their rulers. Here the Kings or Queens do not have to explain any actions taken by them.

Question: Do you think that democracy is the best form of government- explains why?

Answer: Yes, democracy is the best form of government. People can choose their ruler in this type of government. People can change their government if they do not satisfy with the running government.

The democratic government is always responsible to the people. Whatever decisions are taken by the government, all are in the favor of the people. Read more…
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