Why do we need parliament – Class VIII

Why do we need parliament – Class VIII

Why do we need parliament

Question: Why people take decision in democracy?

Answer: Before independence of India in 1947 so many people of this country faced several problems. These problems were political, economic and cultural also. People from different part of the country tried to solve their problem in different ways.

People from different background struggled against the ruthless British rule. During this British rule people faced different problems. In this period nationalist openly began to protest against this foreign rule.

In this period people realise to take decision by themselves. Therefore after independence of the country people demanded such type of government system where common people can select or elect their leader for maintaining the whole country.

Question: How the people in democratic country select or elect their representatives?

Answer: In democracy people select their rulers or representatives through the process of election. Here any one of the common people can take part in election. All the citizens of the country choose their leader to fulfil their demands.

If the elected leader fails to fulfil their demands, all the citizens can change their leaders or representative.

Question: Explain about the role of the parliament in democratic country.

Answer: In a democratic country the parliament has immense power and responsibilities. There are different forms of government and they are responsible for solving different problems. Parliament performs the following functions:

  1. The parliament selects the national government on the basis of majority of the members of different political parties.
  2. The parliament is responsible to control, inform and guide the government.
  3. Another most important responsibility of the parliament is the law making.
Question: How the national government formed in India?

Answer: The parliament of India consists of two houses and the president. Here Loksabha is the lower house and the Rajyasabha is the upper house of the parliament. After the election of Loksabha a list of several parties’ members is prepared.

One political party forms national government or become ruling party. For becoming the ruling party or forming national government the political party should have at least half of the total number of members of parliament. Read more….

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